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A show about things we program, process, and play with. Hosted by two non-white guys, Cards Against Humanity Senior Producer Alexandra Cox and radio producer James T. Green.

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    28: PolyApperous

    Alex and James judge each other's home screens.

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    26: Brooklyn Witch

    James and Alex return to their normal tech podcast.

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    25: Apple Watch Nudes (feat. Peter Thiel)*

    In which James ponders Theater Mode sex, Alex is Bixby/Dixby curious, and they both wonder why is there so much recent anxiousness over a fruit company.

    • April Fools mates.
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    Refresh 23: What a Big F*cking Nerd

    In which James obsesses over his AirPods, Alex wants nice things, and they both introduce a challenge for each other a la Do By Friday.

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    Refresh 21: Skin Tone 6

    In which Alex and James discuss race and emoji, teen apps, and a special kind of butter.

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    Refresh 20: Dongle Dance

    In which Alex and James reflect on sharing economy guilt and decide to rip off Relay FM’s Upgrade. 🤓

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    Refresh 19: Software is Art

    In which Alex and James discuss the influence of Steve Jobs, Snapchat Spectacles, and fashion.

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    Refresh 17: Take Away Your Pundit Hat

    In which Alex and James discuss Steven Levy's Backchannel piece on Apple and AI, the pronunciation of clitoris, and brands being brands on Twitter.

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    Refresh 16: Pooping in Reverse

    In which Alex and James discuss the sale of Instapaper, pour one out for Vesper, and ponder straight sex.

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    Refresh 15: Tick Tock Cox

    In which Alex and James get hard for software, get soft for hardware, and request something from you, dear listeners.

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    Refresh 14: Forstall Truther

    In which Alex and James discuss fighting assumptions, Bozoma Saint John, and Eddy Cue's racing shoes.

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    Refresh 13: Beta Periods

    In which Alex and James discuss iOS 10 and watchOS 3, Pokémon Go, and menstruation.

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    Refresh 10: Yo-Yo Barter Day

    In which Alex and James discuss Time's gadget listicle, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and Yo-Yos.

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    Refresh 9: To Doing It

    In which Alex and James discuss what they do with their to dos.

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    Refresh 7: Alexa, F*ck Me

    In which James and Alex start off discussing their multiple screen workflows and end up comparing their porn viewing workflows.

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    Refresh 6: Semen Phone

    In which James and Alex start off by reminiscing about their first tech experiencing and end up making each other very uncomfortable about sexting.

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    Refresh 5: Phillips Hue Sex Parties

    Alex and James figure out why their sleep has been sucking lately, and what tech can be used to fix it. Also, is it possible to get laid while wearing orange safety goggles?

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    Refresh 4: Prominent Bulge

    Alex and James discuss the March 21st Apple “Let Us Loop You In” event and various bumps that were announced.

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    Refresh 3: SexEbooks

    Alex and James recall when they fell in love with reading on digital devices.

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    Refresh 2: Mail Privilege

    Alex and James talk about the tools they use for email, anxiety and expectations, and the death of the beloved Mailbox.

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