Refresh art v4

A show about things we program, process, and play with. Hosted by two non-white guys, Cards Against Humanity Senior Producer Alexandra Cox and radio producer James T. Green.

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    26: Brooklyn Witch

    James and Alex return to their normal tech podcast.

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    25: Apple Watch Nudes (feat. Peter Thiel)*

    In which James ponders Theater Mode sex, Alex is Bixby/Dixby curious, and they both wonder why is there so much recent anxiousness over a fruit company.

    • April Fools mates.
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    Refresh 23: What a Big F*cking Nerd

    In which James obsesses over his AirPods, Alex wants nice things, and they both introduce a challenge for each other a la Do By Friday.

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    Refresh 21: Skin Tone 6

    In which Alex and James discuss race and emoji, teen apps, and a special kind of butter.

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    Refresh 20: Dongle Dance

    In which Alex and James reflect on sharing economy guilt and decide to rip off Relay FM’s Upgrade. 🤓

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    Refresh 19: Software is Art

    In which Alex and James discuss the influence of Steve Jobs, Snapchat Spectacles, and fashion.

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